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Encouraging students and staff to strive for excellence in their academics, personal growth, and contributions to society.

Headmasters Welcome

Milnerton High School is a family made up of teachers and learners who enjoy the challenges and rewards of a quality, well-rounded education. Our broad base of activities (both curricular and extra-curricular) reflect our diversity and provide opportunities for learners to find their niche and excel. Through these opportunities, we teach our learners to live healthy, balanced lives, and give them space to make good decisions and take positive risks while having fun along the way.

Our School motto is Lux Esto – let there be light. As we endeavor to inspire and lead our learners to maturity, we hope to shine light on your child’s potential and illuminate his or her future.

Mr Paul Besener | Headmaster


Provide equal opportunities for learners to flourish both inside and outside the classroom.


Cater a high standard of professional and innovative teaching practices that build on learners' interests.


Encourage a spirit of community where support is provided to learners, parents and educators alike.


Create an atmosphere of acceptance and open-mindedness where diversity is valued and continuous critical reflection is promoted.

The Senior Management Team

The senior team overseeing the high school led by the principal, this team includes vice-principals, academic coordinators, and department heads who collaborate closely to ensure the smooth operation of the school.

Mr Besener


Mrs Trudy Pentz

Deputy Head

Mr Iqbal Cassim

Deputy Head

Mr Iqbal Cassim

Mr Paul Besener

Mrs Trudy Pentz

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