e-Learning Timetable:                          

Dear Parents,

It has been a difficult and challenging time for schools across the country to adjust our teaching methods from classroom-based to remote-learning. All of this happened so suddenly, and in many instances we were not 100% prepared to switch completely over to remote-learning.

That being said, it has been just as much a challenge for the learners. Learners have had to become more self-disciplined and adjust to independent studying and parents have had to step into the roles of teachers and manage academic curricula. We thank you for all your efforts in this regard.

Due the extension of the lock-down period and the uncertainty around the return date of the learners, we have drawn up a remote-learning timetable to assist learners, parents and educators with managing the deliverance of the curricula. This timetable will assist the learners with managing their time and thus, structuring their academic day at home. It is a daily timetable, hence it will be the same from Monday to Friday.

Some important points to take note of:

  1. The “lessons” are 45 minutes long. This time will be used either to complete an informal assessment activity, to work through content or have an online lesson with the educator. The structure for the week will be made      available by the educators via a weekly programme posted on the current platform that they are using.   
  2. Some subjects will still continue with the late afternoon / evening online lessons due to data restrictions.
  3.  Although lessons for the core subjects for the grades 8 and 9 have been allocated daily, there will be work for the other subjects to complete during the week.   
  4. Remote lessons for each subject will happen a minimum of once a week. The day / date and times will be communicated via the weekly programme sent out by the educators. Please try as far as possible to have data usage for these remote lessons. We are aware that this is not always possible.   

The timetable will be in use from Monday the 11 May 2020.

I hope that we can continue to work together to provide the best support for your child during this period.


Kind regards,

Trudy Pentz

Deputy Principal: Academics