Leadership & Portfolios

Our Leadership Body helps to nurture the spirit of community in our School by facilitating participation in School life.

In doing so, they learn to operate with integrity, tolerance and respect - key attributes for South Africa's future leaders.

The ultimate goal of each Leadership Group is to leave a legacy of positive change at the School through hard work and initiative.


Gareth RowleySen-Lea Locke Withojit, Buhle Vilakazi

Representative Council of Learners:

The RCL is a Department of Education sanctioned body that gives learners a voice and a role to play in improving their School. 

Representatives are democratically elected from each grade and serve a one-year term of office.

Nnenna Osondo, Kane Skywalker, Erin O’Reilly 

Academic Portfolio:

The Academic Portfolio runs the Tutoring Society which offers junior learners academic assistance from senior learners. 

Zoe Hurrijith, Ethan Burman, Raphael De Sousa (president)

Culture Portfolio:

The Culture Portfolio gives learners the opportunity to experience different aspects of cultural and artistic expression by organizing fun events at school and trips to the theatre. They are instrumental in helping Ms Bosman stage the annual school production. 

Ashleigh Raatz, Arryn Gillman, Isabella Estrada Belli (president)

Green Portfolio:

Daniel Sacker, Chian Lewis, Robyn Liversage (president) 

Matric Portfolio:

The Matric Portfolio works towards making the final year of school the most memorable.

Zoe Wolstenholme, Kay-Lee Steyl, Cassidy Rinkwest, Bahle Njamela, Morgan Brookstein, Ella Boyce ,Sanele Dube (president)

Peer Support Portfolio:

The Peer Support Portfolio plays an important pastoral role by giving emotional support to fellow learners who are facing tough times.

Chloe Thomas, Sufia Sarker, Valentina de Azevedo (president)

PR Portfolio:

The PR Portfolio makes sure that everyone knows what's going on. They record events and share on social media.

Ella Woodbridge, Princess Ugbobuaku, Sarah Anderson (president)


Service Portfolio:

The Events Portfolio works behind the scenes to organize and run school events.

Shae Real, Sisipho Dyanti, Dylan Wright (president)

Spirit and Sport Portfolio:

The Spirit and Sport Portfolio brings the "gees". They help organize sporting events and accompany supporters to Derby Days and matches.

Lisa Petersen, Justin Behrens, Deborah Chukwuka (president)

House Captains:

Milnerton High School has four houses: Graaf, Hofmeyr, Merriman and Milner. The House Captains lead the cheering for their respective houses.

Graaff: Lehara Naidoo

Hofmeyer: Nathan Bridger

Merriman: Tamia Boucher

Milner: Khetsi Sesiu