2018 Events Calendar:

2018 Assessment Plans & Exam Timetables:


Code of Conduct:

Grade 9 Subject Choice:

Prospectus / Parents Handbook:

  • Download the Prospectus / Parents Handbook.
  • This document outlines everything you need to know about how our School is run.
  • It includes the Code of Conduct.

Cellphone Policy:

A learner is permitted to bring a cellphone to school during the school day, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Bringing a cellphone to school will be at your own risk, meaning that no claims will be entertained for loss or damage.
  2. The school, its employees or functionaries will not be liable for the theft, loss and/or damage of the cellphone.
  3. The cellphone must be switched off from the first to the last bell of the school day.
  4. The use of the cellphone during class time is strictly only permitted under the supervision and approval of the educator.
  5. The making of recordings or taking of photographs or videos on the school grounds or during any school activity is strictly prohibited, unless approved by an educator for academic reasons.
  6. In line with WCED assessment rules, learners must ensure that they do not have access to a cellphone during formal assessment task evaluations (e.g. practicals, tasks), tests and exams. Infringements of this rule will lead to disciplinary action.

Cellphone lockers are available and encouraged at an annual rental of R260 for the safekeeping of the phone during school hours. 

Absentee Letter Template:

  • As per the Code of Conduct, an Absentee Note is required when your child is off school. 
  • For your convenience, please download the Absentee Letter Template.